About us

About us



I came up with the idea for Artichoke Cards when I was about halfway around the British coast, taking pictures for my pier project. It was a damp Tuesday morning in Southwold, to be precise.

I'd just been to photograph the pier, and was searching for a birthday card for my mum. As usual, I was struggling to find a card that didn’t have an age-related joke, a badge or a picture of a vintage car on the front. I wanted one that had space to write the message I wanted, rather than having to fit it around a joke or one-size-fits-all message.

That was when it struck me that I could start my own card company, using my images of piers, and other ones – the sort that I would like to see on cards. And so Artichoke Cards was born: named for the artichoke plants that dominate my garden and keep my family fed with our favourite vegetable all summer before turning a glorious purple in the early autumn. As you've probably worked out, I love artichokes!

But what about the cards?

All of our cards are printed on certified sustainable board, with a quality matt finish. Every single card is blank inside for your own unique message.

When you order from us, your cards are sent in heavy duty cardboard packaging by first class mail, so that they arrive undamaged and on time.   

Question or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about our cards, or would just like to say hello, please email me at claire@artichokecards.co.uk or use the Contact link at the foot of each page on this site.